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The International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB) has become the biggest event in Europe related to the recent developments on the Extrusion Technologies and their analysis by FEM simulation.
The fourth edition has just ended and ICEB fifth edition is already planned for May 12th-16th 2015 in Florence, Italy. ICEB and Aluminium Two Thousand will bring together “aluminium and light alloys” specialists in a single venue, creating a very attractive and unique opportunity for industry managers, technicians, researchers, technology suppliers and other qualified speakers for meeting and understanding the latest researches, discoveries and the trends for the future.

More than 120 delegates attended the ICEB 2013 edition, with participation from over 20 countries with a strong representation from Europe but also with many participants coming from developing countries and far east. With two-thirds of the participants coming from the industry and with representatives from all the multinationals of aluminum, a strong interest was evidenced in getting and sharing knowledge on these topics of technological frontier. The aim of the conference is to join together technical and scientific experts, to widespread their knowledge and to form an international community for the discussion of state of the art, as well as future developments, in the field of extrusion and in its most powerful tool, the numerical simulation. 

Also for the 2015 edition that will be held in conjunction with Aluminium Two Thousand, the ICEB conference will keep all its main features by merging presentation sessions on the “Latest advances in the extrusion of light alloys” with the worldwide contest: “FEM codes Benchmark”.

  • In the presentation sessions invited papers, as well as contributions from Academia and Industries, will describe all the most recent developments in the analysis, optimization and research of the light alloys Extrusion processing.
  • In the benchmark sessions, participants will be asked to simulate the extrusion of an industrial case (a specially designed die for emphasizing selected process-related issues), on the base of die geometries, material properties, ram speed and tools temperatures, as they were monitored by the organizers. Only during the conference the blind simulations results will be discussed and compared to the data recorded during experimental trials, thus allowing a clear and equal comparison of different FEM codes and simulating approaches.

The event provides a unique opportunity to:

  • learn about the state of the art of emerging technologies, innovation and simulation capabilities in the extrusion of light alloys;
  • get guidelines for best process analysis and product optimization;
  • understand the potential of your current simulation tool;
  • have the widest possible range of information on extrusion simulation today.

The conference heads toward:

  • Extruders (Technicians, R&D divisions, Production Managers) 
  • Extruded profile users 
  • Academic and Industrial Researchers 
  • Die Makers (Project Managers, R&D) 
  • Alloys specialists 
  • Software Houses, Software Distributors 
  • Press and Equipment Builders



Scientific Committee Industrial Committee

Dr. N. Ben Khalifa, IUL, TU Dortmund University, DE
Dr. L. Donati, DIN, University of Bologna, IT
Dr. A. R. Eivani, Delft University of Technology, NL
Dr. F. Gagliardi, University of Calabria, IT
Eng. M. Haase, IUL, TU Dortmund University, DE
Prof. J. Hirsch, Hydro, DE
Prof. M. Hoshino, MECST, Nihon University, JP
Dr. T. Kloppenborg, IUL, TU Dortmund University, DE
Dr. F. Kraft, Ohio University, US
Prof. H. J. McQueen, Concordia University, CA
Dr. M. El Mehtedi, DIPMEC, Marche Polytechnic University, IT
Prof. F. Micari, DTMPIG, University of Palermo, IT
Prof. W. Misiolek, Lehigh University, US
Dr. S. Müller, ERC, TU Berlin, DE
Prof. T. Neitzert, School of Engineering, Auckland University
of Technology, NZ
Dr. B. Reggiani, DIN University of Bologna, IT
Prof. C. Sommitsch, TUG, Graz University of Technology, AT
Prof. A. E. Tekkaya, IUL, TU Dortmund University, DE
Prof. L.Tomesani, DIN, University of Bologna, IT
Prof. H. Valberg, NTNU, Norwegian University, NO
Dr. J. Zhou, LMP, Delft University, NL

F. Bagagli, Alutitan, IT
W. Dalla Barba, Italtecno/Interall, IT
A. Den Bakker, Nedal Aluminium B.V., NL
H. Gers, Honsel AG, DE
V. Giacomelli, Compes S.p.A., IT
A. Klaus, Constellium, FR
J. Maier, WEFA Inotec, DE
T. Pinter, Almax Mori, IT
M. Rompato, Pandolfo Alluminio, IT
T. Rosenbaum, Wilke Werkzeugbau, DE
A. Segatori, Sapa Technology, SE