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The International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (ICEB) has become the biggest event in Europe related to the recent developments on the Extrusion Technologies and their analysis by FEM simulation.
The fourth edition has just ended and ICEB fifth edition is already planned for May 12th-16th 2015 in Florence, Italy. ICEB and Aluminium Two Thousand will bring together “aluminium and light alloys” specialists in a single venue, creating a very attractive and unique opportunity for industry managers, technicians, researchers, technology suppliers and other qualified speakers for meeting and understanding the latest researches, discoveries and the trends for the future. (read more)

Scientific Commitee

Dr. A. R. Eivani, Delft University of Technology, NL
Paolo Proli Unibo
Dr. L. Donati, DIN, University of Bologna, IT
Dr. N. Ben Khalifa, IUL, TU Dortmund University, DE

Industrial Commitee

  • A. Den Bakker, Nedal Aluminium B.V., NL
  • F. Bagagli, Alutitan, IT
  • W. Dalla Barba, Italtecno/Interall, IT